Craigslist Free Dating in Our Past and Present

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  12. I think the criticisms about women trying to be “merely ornamental” are particularly apt here for example, as ironic as that sounds. An ornament isn’t actively imparting anything, yet just by being what it is it actually DOES impact those around. Like a jewel does. A jewel receives the light around it but gives it back in a magical way that the light just in itself could never do, a true gift. It is not actively giving, it is giving back, receptive based, and yet it is truly impacting those around it with its gift. Now, we are also human and so we are a LIVING jewel, and because of that being more than ornamental will naturally happen of course, and yes since we are living and human there are things around us that need help. But the point is that the key thing we are “contributing” is not that sort of work in itself. The key thing we are contributing is our female receptive core, the one that lights up the house and her partner’s life just by being around her when she is exuding that cherished “glow”, the one that enables her care and obedience and receptivity and the true impact that has. It TRULY has core impact, just as core an impact as her husband’s cherishing. Take away a man’s giving orientation and he is no longer cherishing because that giving is core to cherishing and to male energy, which is imparting based. But take away a woman’s active imparting when she is no longer “working” like this and she is STILL offering her feminine receptive gifts! I think this really is key.
  14. In giving back rather than giving, the important things in life can still get done, but they are getting done in a way that is healing rather than harmful. Housekeeping is a prime example. I think for many women keeping a lovely home and cooking nourishing meals and such would deep down be a natural desire, even a very healing one, so long as she is able to do so in a comfort-cues vs servant-based way. When following comfort cues one does things according to ones own rhythms overall, stopping when a headache starts and resting for example (no I don’t mean doing that if your kids are there waiting to be picked up at school and there is no one to replace you, I mean when it is possible), or switching a task to another day when one’s body prompts the need to do something else unless it truly is a timed matter, or someone else doing the things that are truly not suited for you to be doing (for some woman that is a short list, for others like me for example who deal with serious chronic pain it is a more substantial one, each body knows its limits by the comfort cues given). Thus a woman is still overall honoring her receptive comfort cues core.

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