Love is important, but is it really everything?

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  10. Her need to be an equal subsided and her desire to be mastered and taken care of was able to flower.
  12. by carlf on 2004 Nov 25 - 08:01 | reply to this comment
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  14. Carl, that's interesting, and I have no doubt that in some cases it can take close to two decades until certain needs and desires surface. Obviously 17 years isn't magical for me, it is just how long I've been married.
  16. But do you use your strength the way Dee describes, and did you first do it without your wife asking you for this? Because I see some serious problems with men who do this. It is not just dominance, when it is offered unasked for. It slides over into the realm of intimidation because a woman held in that way, not knowing what is coming, would have every reason to fear a beating, not just a spanking.
  18. In any case, after so many years your wife certainly knows whom she is dealing with and if the nature of the relationship changed she has no reason to fear you will turn into a monster. Not so for someone who wants a man who will dominate her with these intimidating tactics from the get go. I think it's a great way to attract an abuser.
  20. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Nov 25 - 15:13 | reply to this comment
  21. It's not always the man...

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