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  10. I have never met a man who did not like to see a pretty face. I love my makeup and I've taken pains to make sure it adds to what I have. Not contrasts and stands out. My features stand out, and that is good. There is comfort in old clothes yes. Men are interesting creatures to be sure. While they may be interested in getting us out of our clothes, they certainly show interest when I show some skin in my fashions. A well placed sweater or open blouse. A short skirt and heels or boots. Peekaboo just about anything. Push up bra. Think they look at the girl in the comfy sweater or the girl who's stylin''s good to feel comfortable in your skin. In fact I would never wear something I wasn't comfortable in. But why shouldn't I be equally comfortable in something snappy instead of something with pills. That is the entire concept of taking care. You can wear what you enjoy, and look good. Don't you think there is a certain amount of self satisfaction in knowing others admire you. If everyone had a fantastic sense of self security then it really wouldn't matter. But people, women and men alike, enjoy being admired.
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  14. by Blush on 2006 Jan 26 - 04:34 | reply to this comment
  15. I understand and even kind of
  16. I understand and even kind of agree with what you're saying, but it all comes down to what you as an individual feel makes you look good.
  18. I love blue jeans. To me they are the most comfortable thing in the world, and I feel more natural in them than anything else. I wear them everywhere, except work where they are considered too casual. So I put on a pair of slacks or a dress that make me feel fat and struggle to find shoes that will be passable and not kill my feet or make me fall on my face.
  20. Of course I'm just as fat in my blue jeans as my dress, but I don't feel fat and awkward. I feel like me. I feel active and mobile, not stifled, and to me that's part of feeling beautiful.
  22. by cj on 2006 Feb 27 - 01:08 | reply to this comment
  23. Duties...
  24. I can't disagree because I think the principal obligation or an important one is to please your husband, but I have always only been out with men (and indeed been married to one) who took how I looked very seriously, even after we had a family. Neither stance is right or wrong. Some men like to take someone out who others admire, makes them feel even better; men with particular standards or even rules on dress. I like it. It makes me feel more owned and dominated. May be I see it as as much service for him in looking good and dressing well and trying to stay slim, if that is what he wants, than cooking meals or whatever.
  26. by Hera on 2006 Apr 8 - 14:07 | reply to this comment
  27. Looking good
  28. I don't think there's anything wrong in wanting to 'look good' for your partner, if that's what makes both of you happy, I merely take issue with the notion that 'looking good' MUST involve dressing up, wearing makeup, being obsessed with your weight etc.

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