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  1. offers you the best mangoes online in Hyderabad, with clear specification of each and every mango type with their pictures, nutritional values and benefits. All our mango varieties are procured from farms directly owned and leased by us, which offers us the comfort of giving our customers the right quality mangoes only. All our mangoes are from the South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
  3. The mango farms and orchids from which we procure mangoes are thoroughly verified, monitored at various months of the season and throughout the year for the right care. The farm lands are assessed for water levels, land fertility, soil types which are suitable for farming the right variety of mango.
  5. We at do selective harvesting, which implies that farmers pluck the raw mangoes when they are at the right size. Its not necessary that all mangoes from a mango tree have to be harvested at one time. The decision on when a certain mango from a tree is plucked is decided by the farmer depending on the size & time, to get the most out of each fruit.
  7. The ripening process is done with utmost care and in a hygienic atmosphere to ensure all raw mangoes are ripened naturally. The ripening process involves continuous human monitoring who help in moving the fruits slowly when needed so as to get the maximum taste out of the pulp inside. This ripening process helps the taste to spread uniformly inside fruit and make you enjoy every bite of it.
  9. It's not necessary that all the mangoes grown, harvested, ripened from the same farm or tree taste the same. We at do the process of lot grading. The fruits that are ready to eat are randomly sampled for taste. The lots with only the best tasty mangoes are delivered through our online orders. This grading process ensures you get the tastiest mangoes of the season.

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