feminine response to being conquered by man

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  18. Until now, despite everything I have read, I didn't get it right. But now I think I understand the journey, I understand my needs and where they come from. I still may not understand why. I do know that I feel safe and less vulnerable and less defensive under his guidance. I feel cherished, loved and more desired than I have felt in a very long time. I feel fully loved and fully surrendered to him sexually. This way of life has helped me get rid of some demons that kept us from fully experiencing everything we should be able to enjoy together. I am accepting of what little discipline he chooses for me and finding myself calmer and more reassured because of it.
  20. So for those of you reading this who are new to Taken In Hand, don't be in a hurry. Sort it out slowly and search yourself honestly, and you will find and understand your desires. Taken In Hand helps any conflicts dissolve and it makes the connection much much deeper.
  22. I would like to emphasize the importance of taking your s/o in hand and building your relationship with her with the strength of being confident enough in yourself to really listen to what she has to say without the worry of feeling manipulated.
  24. Often times the communication a strong-willed, intelligent, “submissive” woman is an attempt to communicate a need to her partner, but because of a fear of being manipulated, the man sometimes fails to listen to her. He is afraid of appearing to “back down” because he knows that is a sign of weakness in her eyes.
  26. Hearing and understanding legitimate concerns allows a woman to speak freely and express herself so that the relationship can evolve. Being able to tell the difference as to when she is communicating or just trying to get out of a discipline session requires the strength of being able to listen and understand. Being a man with honor and integrity that she can trust also aids in her ability to submit.

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