Online dating culture is filthy and rotten

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  12. But… a small objection here. My fault for not clarifying earlier, really. What I meant was that people will say this regardless of the sample involved. Take a look at any other post in the archive and you’ll see more of the same. For example, the Marcotte post a few days earlier visibly stated “80 percent of women do not seek or enjoy casual sex” in the closing sentences. And if I remember correctly, it’s only 20% of women who are  actually promiscuous and have high partner counts. And yet a considerable amount of commentators decide to steam on anyway and continue saying that most women are still promiscuous, all women are like that, they’re lying about their counts, renew your travel documents, pickings are slim blah blah. I’m like, huh? That isn’t reflected anywhere; where are you looking?
  16. So, basically my gripe is that people are exaggerating – wilfully or otherwise. That,  and the bizarre nihilism.
  18. My guess is that some women like it and most do not — and of the do not, some keep doing it anyway, at a lower frequency, whereas a smaller group drops out of it altogether, while an even smaller group goes at it like pigs in heat.
  20. THIS. A thousand times this. I’m guessing the untapped potential is in the sub-group that hooks up but resents it whilst the conscientious objectors suffer because of the pig group/others undercutting them. Hence, the need for slut shaming.
  24. 38deti October 8, 2011 at 10:23 am
  25. redneck:   “Interestingly, Wade found that men were just as interested as women in having relationships.”
  27. “No, the ninety percent of men who were not getting any sex were interested in having relationships.”
  29. I submit that that 90% of men not getting any sex want to get into relationships because they perceive it as the most surefire way to get sex.   Let’s face it.  If they could get sex without the relationship, they would do so.  The problem is the current SMP:  80% of women want the top 10 to 20% of men and won’t even consider anything less.   These 80% to 90% of men can’t even get noticed.

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