How do you meet American men for fun?

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  10. Wednesday, I put some mass texting to use and text about 12 different chicks the same cocky playful text message.  To my surprise, all 12 of them wind up responding.  I keep light conversation going with a few of them that had the warmest responses, but the last chick to respond is a chick I met outside a bar last Friday.
  12. She doesn’t actually say much, so I don’t put too much effort into my response back to her and basically just give a one word answer.  To which, she responds back, “Awesome.. so what’s up?”
  14. Since she was the one reaching for a response from me, I figured I might as well ask her out, so I respond with, “Nm, we should meet up for drinks.  Let’s get together tomorrow at [bar] at 9:00.”
  16. She writes back and agrees, but says she gets off work at 8:30, so we wind up pushing it back to 9:30.
  18. The first date I’ve been on in over a month.   I have her meet me at the same bar Genie and I went to.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?
  20. I show up 20 minutes late.  She’s already inside sitting on the couch with a drink, and on the phone.  I hug her and go to the bar to get a beer.  I come back, she’s off the phone now, and I sit down.
  22. We talk for awhile, she’s a 27 year old army brat that works for a high end fashion chain and loves to go hiking.  She’s lived all over the world – Germany, Japan, shit like that, which I use to lead into my own travel stories about Europe.
  24. This may be one of my best story telling dates ever.  Who needs canned routines when you can come up with actual stories and tell them on the fly?
  26. We talk about her car, which somehow leads to me telling the story about when I first got my license when I turned 16 and we stole my best friend’s older brother’s car to go over some girl’s house, and only got caught the next morning, because we left the damn Jack In The Box bags on the counter.

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