How to rock at online dating with BBW

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  14. To respond to the rest of your comment…A woman being true to her comfort cues is following her inner sense of balance; it doesn’t take accounting to know when you are being harmfully drained or rather fulfilled, it takes intuition. We are not machines.
  15. And if you will read my posts more closely you will find that I believe each woman’s comfort cues lead her to what is personally supportive. I was using DeeMarie for instance as an example, her comfort cues lead her to needing to receive rather violent behavior from her partner to pull forth her surrender, whereas my comfort cues would be harmed by that and need cherishing to pull forth mine.
  17. Feeling into universals actually leads you to what is personal. I think admitting that female energy is comfort cues based brings the real freedom for a woman to embrace her own personal comfort cues. I think you are confusing archetypes, which is where I am coming from, with stereotypes. Stereotypes are frozen, mechanical. Archetypes are alive and dynamic and interactive and become personal to you, like the example of female energy being comfort cues based leading to one finding their own personal comfort cues. A stereotype instead is frozen, a cookie cutter, impersonal, and that has never been where I have been coming from. Perhaps it is your more mechanistic (I’m assuming) way of seeing the world that would cause you to interpret what I am saying this way.
  19. To use a couple of your examples to illustrate archetypal vs stereotypical a bit more...I think the chinese views of "wood contained fire" is from a deeper archetypal place (picture the feeling of amber in a tree, that firey warmth), whereas the practice of footbinding was from a stereotypical place, more just a societal norm then.
  21. Seeing things as sacred rather than mechanistic at their core, and thus seeking archetypes rather than stereotypes, is why I am drawn to fairy tales so much. Because the good ones, they are not frozen but alive, they are interactive with your soul and personally speak to you (Jung’s active imagination process is a way to see this), because they come from an archetypal place.

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