Meeting an American single man online

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  12. Aron
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  15. Use expectations to create opportunities for submission
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  17. Tom,
  19. I suggest you work to create a mindset that you have a right
  20. to her submission and create opportunities for her to submit. Don't demand her submission, however. Create an attitude of expectation. Expect your wife's submission. Then wait for her to take advantage of the opportunities.
  22. When you look at her remind yourself that she is yours and her permission isn't required, only her acquiescence. Kiss her without cause, deeply, with your hands entwined in her hair, letting her know that should you choose you can take her, control her. If she asks why, tell her because she's yours and it gives you pleasure.
  24. Your wife's into spanking so use it. Don't create a reason, just take her hand, lead her to the couch or bed and give her a sound thrashing. Keep in your mind that you have every right to spank her because she is yours and it gives her pleasure.
  26. When doing all this you must monitor her closely. Find those things that strike a chord in her. Then keep plucking that chord while you search for others. Should she resist, don't push, move on, find another chord, try a different tack.
  28. I guess what I'm saying is: don't try to dominate your wife, rather create an environment in which she can submit. By creating a mindset that over time becomes the norm, you are more likely to maintain it during troubled times.
  30. A readers' forum post by Jeff on Sat, 08/01/2005 - 05:20 | reply to this comment
  31. Thanks for all contributors.
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  33. A very interesting and informative discussion- thanks to all contributors for sharing.

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