The first dating gurus

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  11. Let me know your thoughts. As well, perhaps provide an example or two if you have any...
  13. Cheers,
  16. I think I've talked a little about this on the Mode One Forums. I'm sure there are examples in my blog. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time today to dig them up, so I'll keep my response short and simple:
  18. In short, if the girl is new, I only send one text at a time. If she doesn't respond, she doesn't respond. It is my rule to never send another text until she responds to my first one. As for playful texts, I only do that if I already know she's into me. For example, if it was her idea for us to hang out, or we've already slept with each other, or are already friends etc.
  20. And if it's some random girl I met in a bar, I'm going to text her that same night. I don't wait. If I meet a girl in a nightclub, then I'm looking to have sex that night. The mistake guys make, is that they go into night clubs looking for a girlfriend. And most women in night clubs don't go in there looking for relationships. They're looking to hook-up that night (with the right guy). Hence, why women flake on guys so much when they seemed so into them when they were talking that night. You gotta strike when the iron's hot.
  22. own. The two girls and I head to Little Bar. The girls buy our drinks without us asking. One of them then slips and reveals that she has a boyfriend. She tries to save herself by saying that he really isn't her boyfriend. I don't mess around with chicks who have boyfriends, because I don't like uneccessary drama.
  24. I then focus in on a blonde that I've wanted for awhile. I've seen her at 4kegs a few times, but I could never find the right opportunity to open her because she was always surrounded by guys. She's with two guys and about four girls this time. I can handle that. I open her by commenting on a song (Men in Black) and I tell her to do the MIB dance, since she was already up dancing. We then exchange words here and there for the rest of the night. The two girls I came with leave with my friend, and I told them that I was staying, simply because I've wanted this blonde for awhile and she was hotter. The blonde and I simply talk for awhile, we exchange numbers and plan on meeting up tomorrow. End of FR.
  26. (I use direct game on all women, no special tricks or canned stuff. The only opinion opener I use is when I'm completely brain dead and I ask girls if they think my heart tattoo is gay. I always use/comment on the environment or something about/on the girl. That's why you guys don't see me approach a lot. I'd rather open 10 girls, and close 10 girls, rather than approach 200, and only close 3)
  28. Fixed that for you.

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