Psychology & Appearance

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  9. And they hand us toy cars. Umm, OK? I'm going to have fun breaking this...
  11. Macy: "Omari!"
  13. We talk...
  15. Macy: "Barbie Doll is downstairs."
  17. Fuck. How did this happen? I wonder if I can switch girls. They're both hot, but Macy is the outgoing one. From what I'm told by friends who know her, Barbie Doll is the same way. Wild, crazy, party girl. However, she's really shy and quiet when she gets around me. Must be the whole crush thing.
  19. Downstairs. Shots with Misha. I walk around...
  21. Barbie Doll: "Omari! Over here!"
  23. She introduces me to her friends, and goes back into her quiet, shy, shell. Look, if you want me, you gotta come after me. You can't just be all quiet. Otherwise, you'll be forgotten, and I'll move on to the next girl (As of this writing, it's been at least two weeks since I've called her, so you can assume that I've moved on already.).
  25. I then walk off to go check up on Fedora. Man, he's out of it. Hopefully, he'll just stay leaned against that wall, and no one'll bother him...
  27. Bouncer: "He has to leave."
  29. Fuck. I hand the bouncer my drink and walk Fedora outside. Fedora keeps walking, stumbling. I look back at the bar. If I stayed, I'd be guaranteed an easy lay. However, I know Fedora, and I know that he will end up in jail if I don't go with him. Fuck. I throw Fedora's arm around my shoulder, and we hop in a taxi back to campus.
  31. We hop out of the taxi near the South Campus Gateway. It looks like I'm going to have to carry him for a few blocks. Fuck. I have to piss. I look around. Throw Fedora on a parked car...
  33. Me: "Stay here. I have to piss and I'll be right back. Don't wander off."
  35. All of a sudden, I hear Fedora yelling nonsense. Fuck. He's going to get in trouble. I go running towards the parked car...he's gone. Look down the street. And there he is. And who is this? The group of girls we were with earlier. Coincidence (This is at least ten blocks away from where we first started on campus)? Whatever.
  37. A few parties. I turn around. A guy with our group is about to get in a fight. Fuck. I'm getting to old for this shit. I don't even know him, but he's with our group, so I gotta go get him.
  39. I push the guy back and talk to the guy that's about to kick his ass...

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