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  14. Everyone's different. Hypothetically I'd probably date her - if I happened to run into her in real life, and if we mutually clicked and found a connection. The odds of that happening are rather low, but she's quirky and different enough to catch my attention.
  16. What the hell, if we didn't click, I'd probably at least try to keep her around socially as a buddy. She's probably a laugh and a half.
  18. With all people, our on-line personas are often small, exaggerated, reflections of our real life personalities. LR seems like a person whose off-line personality has more nuances.
  20. What we display in our off-line personas differs based on environmental stimuli around us, context, and character aspects of the other people with whom we interact.
  22. I'm betting many of the guys ragging most harshly on her, on-line, would be far more open to her, off-line if they had no idea who she was. Whether the feeling would be shared from her end is an entirely different point.
  24. I think a lot of men feel turned off, or in a few cases threatened by, aspects of her character that are probably more complex and nuanced in real life. To me, she seems challenging, some men like challenging women. Some men simply find them a pain in the ass.
  25. This is ok, to each his or her own, of course.
  27. Personally, I've run into, and in a few cases dated, women quite similar to LR before. One, I dated off and on for almost 2 years and had a tight and sometimes intimate friendship with for almost another 2 years. Another one I dated pretty steadily for almost 4 years, and am still very intimate friends with.
  29. Both women were ... for lack of a better word.. quirky. But I kinda like quirky.
  30. And both women were willing to respect me and my world once I respected them and their world.
  32. One wasn't the type of girl I'd normally date on a longer term basis, but I found her interesting enough to see what would happen. Another, she was more like someone I previously was able to see myself with on a longer term basis, but still only just barely.
  34. On the same hand, I wasn't the type of guy either woman would normally have dated or even been attracted to (not white, not German, not of the same class, in one case utterly without an appreciation for Jello Biafra's humor, in another case utterly without an appreciation for Bluegrass music.) In both cases, we mutually found some things to click about. And on both sides, found our world's opened up a bit to appreciating something different.

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