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  9. psychology, which the founders of Game applied for the sake of primarily success in pickupartistry (but of course, it’s useful for LTRs too). The alpha of the pack gets his pick of the women, thus his ‘alpha behaviour’ is attractive to women. Thus, roissy (seemingly) logically works backward to deduce: an alpha male is defined by his success with women. This of course triggers problems immediately for those familiar with different definitions of the word: practically speaking, they see the height of alpha and the height of attracting women as correlating but not necessarily the same thing.
  11. Is this pure numbers? Is this in terms of quality of the women? Is it in his potential i.e. how many women pay attention when he walks into a room? Is it in how many would gladly marry him with an ironclad prenup in an alternative universe that specifies they have to tie their tubes, be naked 24/7 and perform *such* and *such* at least 10 times a day?
  13. Necessarily, each woman has to decide who’s alpha for her. What man couldn’t she resist? What man would she gladly, happily do anything for? What man would she both marry for ever and make love to without hesitation and a good deal of happiness? Then she has to compare it with reality. Can the characteristics of this ideal man exist in one man without them undermining each other?
  15. So, now, we must talk about individuality. On first meeting, what’s most sexually attractive to me will probably not be what will make the most ultimately sexually attractive man to me. You get vivid sexual fantasies and thoughts only of a man you know well, a man you respect, a man who triggers your emotions on a deep level. This simply cannot happen from my point of view in e.g. one night. The seeds of it may be there but it has to be nurtured, acted on, encouraged and so on.
  17. Being a jerk or a loser (seperate crimes both of which I hope to define eventually) is repulsive to e.g. me. That’s repulsive on my conscious level. Not only that but being a jerk also frightens me a great deal; I don’t find it easy to be trusting. Now by jerk I do mean emitting this aura of criminality, as well as being verbally aggressive. One element I can’t understand of quick hook-ups is how you can actually have any trust which for me is essential for any display of sexuality to occur.
  19. One element of PUA Game is generating this sense of connection, romantic fantasy, making her comfortable, demonstrating things about you that elicit this. That is never about being a jerk. What you invariably must demonstrate — without speaking, sometimes — is why you are so worthy, so above her in status, that she can allow you to treat her that way. Namely, that you are alpha. Short-term pickup allows for simply emulating alpha (i.e. getting her to buy into this logic: ‘he’s being a bastard/patronising, therefore he must be higher status’ rather than the natural reverse process). Long-term relationships necessarily involves truly being the alpha.
  21. She must feel you are truly superior to her. You can never lie about yourself when it comes to long-term relationships.
  23. So what is more important universally for a long-term relationship is that you are truly higher status, and that you can demonstrate this ‘higher value’. [What constitutes higher status? Now I think that's

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