Ready for a serious relationship

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  10. O: Do you have objective evidence for this assertion, or are you giving your opinion? Based on what we know about moviegoing ticket sales, I would say that it’s the Women who are driving it.
  11. I have no objective evidence, just personal experience. I have heard many women exclaim over how incredibly adorable and wonderful he was in Good Will Hunting. The Jason Bourne flicks are action – very little romantic intrigue. I’m pretty sure that Ludlum’s audience is almost entirely male, though I don’t know about ticket sales for either movie, much less by sex.
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  13. O: Your comment here assumes that the Women who find their way to your site *aren’t* troubled in some way. That’s an assumption I wouldn’t be so confident in making and I think the fellas might agree.
  14. Well, none of them have been suicidal, alcoholics or drug addicts, as far as I know.
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  16. O:Hot Women tend to hang out in venues like clubs and the like – sorry Ms. Walsh, but the gals who go on and on about Jane Austen and the like, Kim Kardashians and Halle Berrys they ain’t, LOL.
  17. This is a matter of personal opinion. Natalie Portman is just one example of a woman who might disagree. You may find bimbos sexy and hot, but fortunately, many men prefer women with substance between their pretty ears.
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  19. O: Sure, they could – but when you’re in your early to mid 20s, why spend the time chasing down the 5s when you could be going for the HB10 gold?
  20. As I’ve said many times, I don’t equate good looks with alpha or beta status, for women or men. There are many good-looking beta men. For this discussion, I would define a beta woman as any woman who isn’t active in the promiscuous party scene. Also, 90% of guys are not going to get HB10 gold, no matter how tight their Game is.
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  22. O: it seems that working class folk just aren’t discussed much ANYWHERE. It’s pervasive, and to be frank, downright insulting – the implication is that they/we don’t have lives or interests much discussing or even being concerned about.
  23. This may be true, but it isn’t a result of STEM guys hogging the internet – working class guys can come on here and discuss this stuff just like anyone else. People represent their own interests online – and you’re the only blogger I can name who embraces a blue collar identity.
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  25. Trust me when I tell you, if your readers were really interested in getting a nice boy, they know where to go to find them, and vice versa. They don’t. Because they’re not sexually attracted to each other.
  27. Period.
  28. With respect, Obsidian, I have no reason to trust you on anything related to college campus dynamics. You were an instructor, not a student, and as such have never experienced that particular SMP, which has its own characteristics. I certainly don’t think you can say who is sexually attracted to whom! According to your definition, there are NO hot girls at college, because smart girls are not hot. Period.

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