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  10. More importantly, since I’m a woman I have to ALWAYS keep an eye on my drink and carry it with me even into the bathroom since women get drugged, raped, and killed left and right JUST by accepting a drink from a strange man or turning your back on your drink for a second…..or allowing someone else to get you a “refill”. Nope. No way.
  12. Not unless I WATCHED the bartender make it and hand it DIRECTLY to ME and nobody else. Otherwise I cannot imagine that there are still women who are stupid enough to accept a “strange man’s” drink or leave a bar with him alone.
  14. We all know that women cannot even drink safely in a bar without having a very good chance of being assaulted, raped, attempted rape, groped, hit, sexually harassed, and even stalked and murdered later. There is really NOTHING “good” about bars for women these days and there isn’t much good for men.
  16. The men that go there are not going to be taken seriously by ANY woman with sense. Quality men and women don’t lurk in bars when looking for romance. They go to bars for entertainment and to hang with friends, but I really doubt that men OR women honestly think they have a chance at ANY romance other then cheap, drunken sex. Nobody thinks they are going to meet “Mr. Right” or “Ms. Right” in a bar.
  18. Lady Raine Says:
  19. June 24, 2010 at 5:59 PM
  20. Auntie P said:
  22. RE: Being a young girl and getting hit on. I hate-hate-hated having to walk to and from school. UGH. Men would slow down and try to get me in their cars and I’d be terrified but try to keep my cool and just smile and keep walking straight ahead towards my destination and of course I couldn’t bring a weapon to school to arm myself so I was VERY vulnerable. Walking to and from school did keep me in great shape though but I’d have LOVED to have had a bus route rather than walk and put up with that shit as a teen. Having to learn to deal with that kind of crap at a young age is like being thrown into the lion’s den without any armor and any knowledge/know-how of how to avoid your predator.

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