About male bashing

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  10. Alan's book already pre supposes that the reader already KNOWS how to TALK TO WOMEN. Perhaps this is a fundamental as well that's missing? Because there's a lot of shit he kind of assumes about the reader and is failing to include or even acknowledge.
  11. If he ever comes out of hiding and answers the email I sent him a few days ago maybe I might be inclined to change my stance on it but until then I'm pretty convinced Mode One is horseshit.
  14. I don't give a shit, you can have all these bullshit principles but unless you already know HOW to DEAL with WOMEN and TALK to them - which I can admit I don't - THEN HOW IN THE FUCK CAN THESE BS "PRINCIPLES" WORK FOR YOU???????
  16. I can't get any clearer than that. Omari, as I've said I was desperate to understand this - which is why I contacted you in the first place.
  19. Hope you understand that, s well as where I'm coming from.
  22. Thanks once again.
  25. - Jay
  27. (a frustrated Mode One user who thinks it, and the author, is full of shit right now)
  29. Assanova,
  30. Just read your most recent posts. . . and I had to drop you a line about being single and taking financial risks. As a business owner I've experienced what you were sharp enough to see coming before having to experience it. Between the debt I've incurred and the long hours I work, my business crushed a 5 year relationship. But the tipping point came after we moved into together and I had to make a very risky decision. And I knew I should consult her first before making the decision. And I resented that I had to consult her first. End of relationship. You're right on man, get your finances straight - I mean on auto-fucking-pilot - before settling down.
  32. On another note, don't know if you read stevepavlina.com but he's had some interesting and detailed posts recently on polyamorous relationships that might interest you.
  34. Take care,

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