Good luck with american single men

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  10. Kessie
  12. by Kessie on 2005 Feb 9 - 21:40 | reply to this comment
  13. How I see this
  14. I think of myself as submissive because I cannot think of any other way of describing the fact that I get a sexual thrill out of thinking of myself as being obedient to my husband. And I cannot think of any other way of describing the effect that he has on me when he is able to, for instance, bring me out of a bad mood simply with a word. The way I react to his authoratitive way of dealing with me when I'm in these kind of moods cannot be described as anything other than 'submissive' as far as I can see. It is a submissve response to his exercising of authority.
  16. And of course there are limits to my submission, everyone has limits. If being submissive is supposed to mean that I would do aboslutely anything that my husband told me to, regardless of how I felt about it, then it's quite true, I'm not submissive, but in that case I don't know anyone who is, because I imagine that there isn't any woman on this site who wouldn't draw the line somewhere when it came to doing what her husband wanted.
  18. The fact is that my husband and I both do things for each other, he cares about pleasing me at least as much as I care about pleasing him, probably more. But because of the way I am constructed, I like to think of the things I do for him as 'submitting' whereas I like to think of the things that he does for me as him showing consideration, indulging me or whatever. I get a buzz out of the idea of being submissive, he doesn't. As someone recently pointed out to me, it comes down to the same thing, we just use different words to describe it, depending on our natures.

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