The Dates I Ever Went On

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  10. For me, one of the biggest frustrations was (and still is) is people commenting “You can have ”x” every once in a while”  (“x” being gluten-filled object) or “You can cheat once in a while, right?”   The answer is a big fat screaming “NO!”  What many people don’t realize is, gluten is poison to us.  And you know what, that’s ok!  We’ve been fortunate to realize that we know now why we’ve been feeling like crap for however long.  And best of all, we can control it now!   So tell those people that just don’t get it that they wouldn’t eat rat poison, and basically, that’s what gluten is to us.  
  12. And if you think, “I can never eat out again!”, that’s not true.  I’ve dined out successfully quite often, and often had better service and food after working with the chef, manager and server.  Remember to thank them for a job well done.  I’ve even sent some chefs and managers thank you cards after – it’s important to let them know we appreciate what they’ve done.  And that will help you and others in the future for gf dining.
  14. I’ve thought about sharing the best ideas for tips and lessons learned that I can share with my readers about being newly diagnosed as Celiac or having to go gluten free.  While I have many tips/suggestions, I have to commend Lucy for putting together what I think is a great list.
  16. So welcome aboard to gluten free living.   It’s a heck of a ride and you’ll be glad you got on board.
  18. Combine all thoroughly and store in a dark, dry place.

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