There is no perfect moment to meet BBW

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  14. I enjoy being out in nature alone, going on road trips alone, and even things like theaters and amusement parks alone. I have friends, of course; but I often find the presence of another person actually detracts from my enjoyment of many things. Sometimes I have to find ways to gently turn down offers of companionship from well-meaning friends who apparently assume that having someone to go places with is better than going alone. Honestly, the fact that I am such a loner in many ways is one thing that makes me a bit fearful of long-term committed relationships. But if I found a man who was right for me in all the important ways, I'd probably go for it.
  16. Oh, and by the way: suggesting that I must be doing something wrong just because I've never found a man I would actually want to marry is also condescending, and fallacious reasoning to boot. (Just ask "Pat" because she has tried that little fallacy out on me many times before.)
  18. Now I feel entitled to engage in a little fallacious projection of my own: Marie, if you also have a background in karate, how can your average guy Lewis actually dominate you?? If you chose to, you could probably beat him up badly. Doesn't that pretty much make his "dominance" a game of "let's pretend" -- instead of real male dominance? I don't see how his "dominance" can be real, unless he actually has the physical power to enforce your obedience. It sounds to me like you could turn the tables on him at any time, and there would be nothing he could do about it. My understanding of male dominance is that the man holds very real power over the woman, and the ability to impose his will on her even over her objections; it's not just a game of pretending that he has that power.
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